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Three reasons why the UK public sector leads on customer service

Here are three reasons why the UK public sector leads on customer service. UK public sector front line service is being delivered by hard pressed staff, with thousands of moments of truth each day across local authorities, and the health service. For too long the story about the public sector has been about lack of…
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Three ways economic development can help business today

  What are the three ways economic development can help business today? Collecting the bins and planning are statutory functions at most local authorities in England, economic development  (ED) function is not a statutory function.  So it is right that we ask what is the value of economic development and what contribution does it make…
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How (not) to sell infrastructure projects

What do we mean by Infrastructure? Infrastructure – roads, rail, sewerage, airports are often big projects which offer benefits for future generations.  But infrastructure projects also often have big implications – including big disruption for the residents who have to contend with the traffic diversions, noise and change. OK, give me some examples… Red Potato…
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LGC Awards 2015

Why were Red Potato at the LGC Awards? Red Potato were invited to attend the Local Government Chronicle Awards 2015 (LGC Awards 2015) with our partners Welwyn Hatfield Council.  Welwyn Hatfield Council and Red Potato were finalists in the “Community Involvement” award category.  The Council and Red Potato were recognised by the judges for delivering an…
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2014 UK local government employment “snippets”

For a number of months we have seen a steady drip feed of information on cuts in jobs at local authorities and new jobs in other private sector businesses.  To keep track of things Red Potato will provide regular updates here on this blog. It is a snapshot and not a statistical analysis! All data…
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What is core business for local government?

In the current environment of less public spend, it is even more important for local government to identify what is core business and what is done for small “p” political reasons – maybe the electorate would be more understanding if they could clearly follow L.Gov train of thought on these matters