LGC Awards 2015

LGC Awards 2015

Why were Red Potato at the LGC Awards?

Red Potato were invited to attend the Local Government Chronicle Awards 2015 (LGC Awards 2015) with our partners Welwyn Hatfield Council.  Welwyn Hatfield Council and Red Potato were finalists in the “Community Involvement” award category.  The Council and Red Potato were recognised by the judges for delivering an innovative work experience programme.  Almost uniquely this work experience programme secured the support of schools, colleges and the local small business sector.

So did you win anything?

We didn’t win the LGC Award, which is a great shame.  But we are really proud of what has been achieved. The programme has led to young people securing jobs, lots of money has been raised for charities through hard graft by the students and there is better engagement between schools and local business.  This programme has been a great investment in the future of the local economy.  Probably most importantly, the programme has touched the lives of many young people locally.

What’s next on the awards front?

Our own awards event for the schools, businesses and charities who participated in the Welwyn Hatfield Dragons Apprentice Challenge is only two weeks away.  Therefore, in conclusion we can safely say we know how it feels to all the finalists!