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Promoting apprenticeships to SMEs: Training providers need to wake up and smell the roses

The florist said “they never send me anyone who can work out the cost of half a dozen flower stems to make a bouquet and be trusted to write a greetings card without making a spelling mistake”. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and the discussion moved on. We were talking about apprenticeships at one…
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Dragons’ Apprentice 2012/13 Challenge pre-launch event June 14th

Following recent interest in the Dragons Apprentice pre-launch event in June we’ve included information on the agenda below:   DRAGONS’ APPRENTICE LAUNCH OF 2012/13 CHALLENGE JUNE 14, 4.30 – 6.00 PM AT ST. COLUMBA’S COLLEGE   Background to Dragons’ Apprentice                            Penny Mortimer (Project Mgr)   Why we support Dragons’ Apprentice: St Columba’s College (for the schools)                       David…
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