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What are your New Year Resolutions?

What was your New Year resolution?   Come to think of it how are you doing with last year’s resolution?   For many of us January is a time to evaluate progress to date and also look forward to the coming year.  At Red Potato 2019 has got to be about exports.  There are three…
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Three tips for engaging young people with your organisation

So here’s the thing, you need to communicate with young people about something important, but not urgent.   How do you do it? Here are three quick tips we have learnt from recent work with school and college students. Test your ideas: In any campaign you would test your ideas with your target market. Young people are…
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“If it is too good to be true…it probably is” International Trade Enquiries 101

On Christmas Eve, as England experienced unseasonal heavy rain and high winds, Red Potato received an enquiry from Pakistan to supply us with several containers of white potatoes.  The variety of potato? Santa.  Yep, you can’t make it up, someone on Christmas Eve, wanted to sell us white Santa potatoes! It may not have been…
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