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Three ways the office maybe different in 2021

The death of the office is too early to call

What next for the high street?

The traditional high street has changed. It is clear for all to see.  A walk around many town centres, even affluent, thriving town centres, shows vacant shop fronts, perhaps rough…
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Happy New Year!

We hope you were able to celebrate the New Year and Christmas in style! At Christmas time thoughts turn to travel as families and friends are reunited. In the UK…
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Changes to the High Street

2018 has been marked by news of store closures on the high street.  So what is to be done?   Do we really need all shops to be able to…
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Today, Business in the Community has launched “Responsible Business Week 2015”. Red Potato are very happy to support #RBWeek.  Red Potato will (fingers crossed!) be offering a great work placement opportunity for a…
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Something to get the sap rising

Oh dear, “weak resistance to splitting and some resistance to bruising”.  This doesn’t sound very positive.   No, this is not the obituary of a politician or the characteristics of…
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The joy of compost

I know, I know, this is meant to be a serious business blog, but here at Red Potato we feel strongly about recycling and the wonders of compost.   Something to…
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