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Three Reasons to be cheerful in January

In no particular order here are the Red Potato cheerful thoughts for January Reason 1 – It is getting lighter in the mornings and evenings! Reason 2 – We have unprecedented access and knowledge about the world and that knowledge is still growing.  There are despicable acts taking place across the world – some of…
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Winning and losing

Is “winning” always a good thing? Here we discuss the benefits of failure. We’ve been having a discussion about ‘winning” and “not winning”. What does it look like in your business, school or community?   How do you respond when things don’t quite work out. Sometimes it is not about competition – for some public…
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Too much data can lead to the wrong decision

The public sector deals in information, yet the value of that information is sometimes lost amongst all the other things going on.   Often we are asking elected members or senior management to make an informed judgement on policy based on too much data.   Yes you read it right, “too much data” masking the key points…
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