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Should business be worried about “Carbon Neutral” Cities?

Sustainability is in the national news for lots of reasons. This blog post looks at what is a “carbon neutral” city and whether this is something for business to get worried about.  We discuss some of the issues that need to be considered by policy makers, not to explore the merits of reducing carbon emissions.…
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Happy New Year!

We hope you were able to celebrate the New Year and Christmas in style! At Christmas time thoughts turn to travel as families and friends are reunited. In the UK the travel news has been sketchy, with some news stories about disrupted travel plans and wasted time on the roads and at airports. But time…
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A1M Growth Area

A1M Growth Area Meeting It seems like things are happening along the A1M Growth Area.  Here is a report from the A1M Growth Area Forum meeting for businesses. [View the story “A1(M) Forum: how can we plan for future growth?” on Storify]

The joy of compost

I know, I know, this is meant to be a serious business blog, but here at Red Potato we feel strongly about recycling and the wonders of compost.   Something to do with “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”.   My King Edwards seem to thrive on a good dose of compost and well rotted manure.  …
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