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Three reasons why the UK public sector leads on customer service

Here are three reasons why the UK public sector leads on customer service. UK public sector front line service is being delivered by hard pressed staff, with thousands of moments of truth each day across local authorities, and the health service. For too long the story about the public sector has been about lack of…
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Health and education

Red Potato develops a strong expertise in health. Red Potato have been privileged to be working with three very different organisations over the last few months. Each organisation is different but they are linked by their commitment to improving health and wellbeing. The three organisations are : (1) the National Health Service, (2) a beauty clinic and (3)…
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East & North Herts NHS Trust AGM & Schools

East & North Herts NHS Trust AGM & Schools Well done to all the schools who participated in the East & North Herts NHS Trust AGM! Red Potato worked with teams from local schools to help them prepare their “pitch”.  The NHS staff and many local health agencies were attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which…
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How many different careers does the NHS offer?

The NHS offers a surprising number of different careers for ambitious young people, not just Doctors and Nurses. Red Potato have been working with East & North Herts NHS Trust for the last year on several different initiatives to help young people understand more about the range of services provided at local hospitals and also…
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East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust are proud of the wide range of general and specialist services provided to patients. The Trust has over 5,000 dedicated staff making sure patients get the best care, at four hospitals: Hertford County hospital, Hertford The Lister hospital, Stevenage Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Northwood The New QEII hospital, Welwyn…
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#NHS Takeover Day 20 Nov 2015

NHS Takeover Day – school students takeover the NHS! [View the story “School students take over the Lister hospital!” on Storify]

The #takeover has started!

[View the story “Schools get ready to #Takeover NHS hospital” on Storify]

Could young people run your local hospital?

  Well we will soon find out because that is just what is going to happen on the 20th November! Red Potato are working with local schools and the NHS to enable young people to give their perspective on how they would like to be treated by the NHS.  On Friday November 20th (#Takeover Day)…
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