Something to get the sap rising

Something to get the sap rising

Oh dear, “weak resistance to splitting and some resistance to bruising”.  This doesn’t sound very positive.   No, this is not the obituary of a politician or the characteristics of diving footballers .  It is the Potato Council verdict on the “Rubesse” potato tubers.   Here at the Red Potato HQ in Hertfordshire, we like to “live the company” and each year we plant some Red Potatoes using organic compost we’ve tended over the winter.

This year we have planted some Rubesse, Red Potato tubers.   There is not much to see yet, but at least they seem to be growing!

Red Potato - from the air


Not sure why the plants have grouped like that.  We didn’t plant them together!

Now we love pictures of potato plants as much as anyone else, but there are perhaps more photogenic subjects.  And let’s face it pictures of potato plants aren’t that “sexy”.   So for everyone who wants something a bit more exciting, to stimulate and “get the sap rising”  here is another picture.



Bluebells in Spring


Yes, a picture of the beautiful bluebells that show that Spring has sprung!