Three Reasons to be cheerful in January

Three Reasons to be cheerful in January

In no particular order here are the Red Potato cheerful thoughts for January

Reason 1 – It is getting lighter in the mornings and evenings!

Reason 2 – We have unprecedented access and knowledge about the world and that knowledge is still growing.  There are despicable acts taking place across the world – some of which are not witnessed.  However we also know more than ever about the impact we are making on this beautiful earth and there is no excuse for not taking action!

Reason 3 – There is (still) the opportunity in so many towns and Cities across the UK to work with inspirational people to build a shared vision for a place.  But what is it that unifies a place?   

OK for “Cheerful thoughts for January” Reason 3, we are going to look at this a bit more.  Some Cities and towns look to their cultural heritage, looking back to the past and their rich historical legacy.  Crucial factors when marketing the place.  But how many places are consulting with the next generation about what they want from their City?   Young people need be involved in planning for the City.  The same young people who are concerned about safety, getting the bus home, places to just hang out.

Local authorities can bring partners together, they have several pieces of the jigsaw.  Those pieces of the jigsaw maybe located in different silos within a local authority.  The services and data that can contribute to economic development and regeneration of our high streets and towns are not located in one convenient place, department. But perhaps more importantly it is about collaboration and co-operation.  Ensuring that groups – like young people are listened to, that will enable us to create sustainable towns and Cities for the future.

Happy New Year, Happy new city.