What are your New Year Resolutions?

What are your New Year Resolutions?

What was your New Year resolution?   Come to think of it how are you doing with last year’s resolution?  

For many of us January is a time to evaluate progress to date and also look forward to the coming year.  At Red Potato 2019 has got to be about exports.  There are three reasons we are focussing on export led growth in 2019.  By the way none of the reasons is to do with Brexit!  Instead it is all to do with the opportunity to engage people.  

You will be relieved that we are not going to get into the Brexit debate here!  Suffice to say it has always been important to   to look at Britain’s trading relationship the world.   Certainly here at Red Potato we want 2019 to be about exports.  But why focus on exports when there is so much to do?  Well the answer is simple


One of the Red Potato values, is about contributing back to the local community.   We want to use the animations we create with our clients to show how the positive impact they have within their local communities!


Red Potato is a business that adds value to projects.   We bring additional insight, connexions, or sometimes a creative challenge.   We would like to share that ambition!


Cynics might say that the Chief Spud at Red Potato needs a rocket up his backside!  For too long he has allowed less than stellar growth of the company.  Well, that is changing in 2019, we are going to increase velocity of the business in terms of sales but also the way in which we prosecute our work.   So watch this space for smoke!

All three of the points above apply as much to a UK based vision as an export led business.  The difference for Red Potato is that we believe export led engagement can make a difference to the world.  And New Year or not, we think that has got to be a good thing to do!