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One month on: Our Agile Business Consultant (& Head Barista) gives his views

“It has been one month since I started working with Red Potato, although it feels as if it was longer than that – in a good way! As an Agile Business Consultant, I have been to different places meeting different and quite interesting individuals such as business consultants, owners and CEOs. This has given me more insight into Red Potato and what it is trying to achieve and I now participate more with designing service features, sales processes design and implementation. I feel that I am in a better position now to add value to the business and I am hoping to see increased sales for the business and increased value for the customers as a result of my work.

I have also been working on quite exciting projects such as developing a business expansion plan abroad for delivering Business Boot-camps and taking part in the lead team of a partnership of around 30 organisations bidding for a big project. Considering the latter – initially I have been invited to a meeting between the lead team members and while I was not sure what to expect, I made some suggestions which were greatly appreciated and put on the spotlight. More importantly, I have been taken on board to complete various project-related tasks in congruence with my suggestions, which I also enjoy doing, resulting in a seamlessly increasing involvement with the project. This has exceeded my expectations as I was not expecting to have much impact or say whatsoever being so new to Red Potato and its field of work.

I am worried about how my efforts will develop, but I am also committed to achieve results and I know I can rely on Red Potato’s support to get me to where I want to be.”

Asen has been on work placement with Red Potato and is doing some brilliant work on business processes.  Asen is a qualified barista and makes the best cup of coffee in Welwyn Garden City!

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Expose 2015

There were some brilliant visual effects and digital animations on show at  “Expose 2015” – the University of Hertfordshire Animation Festival.

Expose 2015


It is great to see how the #Hertfordshire student alumni have contributed to the development of visual effects in some of the highest-grossing films around (and also the Red Potato animations!).  We were particularly interested in the discussions on #VRforGood and the opportunities for this new technology to improve people’s lives.  Let’s make sure this technology is used to empower and embolden people as well as producing world class movies.

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#FSBHertsAwards – FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards

FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards 2015

Red Potato are finalists in the 2015 FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards!  This is a great recognition of our work!

Why are Red Potato in the “Business Innovation” awards category?

Red Potato Community Insight Animations have been nominated for the “Business Innovation” awards category! Brilliant news! The animations report upon business targets and performance in a innovative and funky style. Students from the digital animation course at The University of Hertfordshire often help us with the animations.  So as you can see, we like to keep things local and in so doing we like to support our local university!

FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards

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What is it like to work at Red Potato?

Asen Stoimenov graduated in management from the University of Hertfordshire.  Here he writes about his first days with Red Potato.

“Upon graduating from University I was scanning the job market to find a job to match my skills and personality and luckily I came across Red Potato on University of Hertfordshire’s career hub and I was warmly welcomed to start work as an Agile Business Consultant. It has only been a few days and it is amazingly interesting – it is a new field of work for me and I am learning many many things. While this is normal when starting a new job, I believe that this intensive process of learning will not cease due to the nature of the work and the nature of Red Potato, which is to explore, analyse, generate ideas and improve. Now instead of separating work from learning, growing and improving myself, I can do them both together, which is a huge benefit.

The Red Potato culture is supportive, easy-going, and provides a healthy framework that promotes engagement and commitment.

My initial tasks required me to tap into the knowledge and skills that I acquired in University and I found myself going through past projects to find clues on how to complete my current work tasks. That is a refreshing feeling, because this way my University Degree matters. There is also quite a bit of freedom and creativity and, while challenging, it gives me the opportunity to make a difference in real life with my own efforts.

I am delighted to embark on the journey with Red Potato towards new heights.”


University of Hertfordshire

UoH Red Potato Bootcamp

The University of Hertfordshire is the UK’s leading business-facing university and an exemplar in the sector. It is innovative and enterprising and challenges individuals and organisations to excel.  Red Potato were very pleased to help the University deliver the Summer “Business BootCamp” programme…


Red Potato University of Herts Case Study


Red Potato Business Bootcamp
Red Potato Business Bootcamp