What is it like to work at Red Potato?

What is it like to work at Red Potato?

Asen Stoimenov graduated in management from the University of Hertfordshire.  Here he writes about his first days with Red Potato.

“Upon graduating from University I was scanning the job market to find a job to match my skills and personality and luckily I came across Red Potato on University of Hertfordshire’s career hub and I was warmly welcomed to start work as an Agile Business Consultant. It has only been a few days and it is amazingly interesting – it is a new field of work for me and I am learning many many things. While this is normal when starting a new job, I believe that this intensive process of learning will not cease due to the nature of the work and the nature of Red Potato, which is to explore, analyse, generate ideas and improve. Now instead of separating work from learning, growing and improving myself, I can do them both together, which is a huge benefit.

The Red Potato culture is supportive, easy-going, and provides a healthy framework that promotes engagement and commitment.

My initial tasks required me to tap into the knowledge and skills that I acquired in University and I found myself going through past projects to find clues on how to complete my current work tasks. That is a refreshing feeling, because this way my University Degree matters. There is also quite a bit of freedom and creativity and, while challenging, it gives me the opportunity to make a difference in real life with my own efforts.

I am delighted to embark on the journey with Red Potato towards new heights.”