Going Global & International Trade

International Trade was predictably the main message at the #Heathrowbusinesssummit, at – you guessed – Heathrow Airport! We were reminded of the messages from the Heathrow business summit following a recent return visit to Heathrow airport.

As an aside the visit happened to coincide with the celebrations for #BA100 -the centenary year for British Airways.

BOAC 747

BOAC 747

The celebrations for #BA100 included an iconic BOAC livery aircraft, so we felt duty bound to include a photo of this iconic aircraft here!

International Gateway

Heathrow is a global hub for air transport. The airport has physical connections to so many destinations across the world and has global recognition. In addition the word “Heathrow” is also synonymous with London. As such the airport is known across the world.
Looked at another way Heathrow and the other major airports are also a global gateway for overseas visitors to the whole of the UK.

In our discussions with buyers from overseas  we are often struck by the value of “Made in the UK”. Across large sectors of the globe “Made in the UK” and more broadly the UK brand counts for quality and innovation. And increasingly the “Made in the UK” brand also counts for Corporate responsibility.

“Corporate Responsibility” what does that mean to you?

Well, Corporate responsibility means different things to different people. For us at Red Potato it means investing in local communities. Some of the ways we have done this is through supporting internships, helping to set up business training for disadvantaged people and investing in young people. All of this is central to the way we do business.

People make judgement based on first impressions.  In terms of first impressions, the Red Potato website is a crucial first impression.  We know our web presence is looking a little neglected of late.  It is not good enough.
Over the next few weeks we are updating content on website and social media to reflect our experience in two areas:

1.Telling the story of organisations that are at the forefront of delivering services.

2. Highlighting how we help global organisations tell their story to a global audience.

So, please hold us to account over the next few months as we take our version of Corporate Responsibility to a broader audience across the globe and develop our international trade presence.