Careers Fair 2024

Careers Fair 2024

What kind of job will children growing up today be doing in the year 2024?  Will we still need a Careers Fair in 2024?

Parents, schools and young people are probably thinking about things a little closer to home!  Nevertheless it is sometimes worth spending a bit of time looking at future skills requirements and the kind of jobs that will be emerging in the next five years.  What we know for certain is that the jobs market will continue to change.

In the UK the political changes from Brexit – still due to happen sometime soon – will effect trading relations with the EU and the Rest of the World.   The Red Potato company perspective is that Brexit  is a “distraction” from important business issues.  Instead we find potential partners from Europe are wondering about our commitment to stronger and deeper trade relations.  This has meant that we have had to change our focus of attention away from the continent, at least until the Brexit Behemoth has moved on.   From a positive perspective it may well be that Brexit creates lots more high skills jobs in the UK; for instance lawyers and trade negotiators are likely to be in high demand!

What kind of changes will there be in 2024?

During any period of change there is opportunity.   Technology change is likely to have a  transformative effect on the economy.   The transformation will be most keenly felt in terms of skills, training required and ultimately the jobs created and jobs eliminated.   Artificial intelligence, personalised medicine, nano technology, automated vehicles are just some of the changes that will completely change our lives in the next ten years.    Changes in the jobs people will do in 2024, will presage these bigger changes in society.

Low skilled jobs are already under threat and being eliminated in many countries across the world.  This trend will accelerate.  In their place new jobs will emerge that will require a broader mix of skills.  This new skill set – that everyone will be expected to possess – will include an appreciation of technology, collaboration skills and good communication.  This might mean that the workforce of the future will require different people to fulfil these new requirements.   A more diverse workforce may become necessary for businesses to compete.

What can be done?

So if big changes are looming ahead, what is being done to prepare young people for their next steps.  Here at Red Potato we’re really pleased to work with Welwyn Hatfield Council and YC Hertfordshire on the inaugural Welwyn Hatfield Careers Fair.  The event promises to benefit young people AND businesses.

More details about the fabulous Careers Fair initiative will follow.   But let us leave you with two thoughts:   1. What kind of jobs do you think the new economy of 2024 will need?  2. What kind of skills do you think will be needed to fulfil those job requirements?  Do let us know what you think!


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