Health and education

Health and education

Red Potato develops a strong expertise in health.

Red Potato have been privileged to be working with three very different organisations over the last few months. Each organisation is different but they are linked by their commitment to improving health and wellbeing.

The three organisations are : (1) the National Health Service, (2) a beauty clinic and (3) a local charity for people living with HIV.   In each case, Red Potato were chosen to help the organisation convey messages on health by using video and animation.

The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the largest employers in the world.  The NHS is also a hugely respected organisation that serves people across the UK in their time of need.  Most people are aware of the doctors and nurses.   But did you know that to deliver this level of care, the NHS has over 350 separate kinds of jobs!  Within nursing there many different fields and specialisms.  Red Potato have been chosen to work with part of the NHS in Hertfordshire to promote the different non-clinical careers available to local people.   We are also helping the NHS launch a new website.  The website will help young people get the health advice that they might need.  We will be talking more about this in coming weeks.

Beauty Clinics provide a number of services, such as laser treatment and facials that can help with wellbeing.  Red Potato have produced a video which shows how The Letchworth Clinic improves the lives of local people.  What really struck us about working with Graeme and his team is the friendly, chilled vibe at The Letchworth Clinic.  Let us know if you think this vibe comes across in the video!

Red Potato are so lucky to work with such wonderful clients, Herts Aid is one of our very favourites! Despite – or maybe because of the subject matter, the Herts Aid team are warm, empathetic and not easily shocked.  HIV is a manageable condition and there is advice and support available.  An example of the help that is available is the Herts Aid “Time for me to Shine” project.  The project provides training and development that can help people back into work.  The training and development is delivered in a safe and supportive environment.  Critical to the project success is the network of mutual support and encouragement, that enables service users to take the next step towards re-entering the workplace or starting a small business.