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What next for the high street?

The traditional high street has changed. It is clear for all to see.  A walk around many town centres, even affluent, thriving town centres, shows vacant shop fronts, perhaps rough sleepers, a range of betting and charity shops.  The changing face of the high street is very obvious.  But what is next for the high…
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Why would anyone care about outputs and outcomes?

The truth is most people don’t care about outcomes and outputs. But we do care. Clients talking outputs and outcomes are what drives Red Potato. What do we mean by outcomes But we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves. What do we mean by outcomes? Well we think it is about long term impact.…
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Three reasons why the UK public sector leads on customer service

Here are three reasons why the UK public sector leads on customer service. UK public sector front line service is being delivered by hard pressed staff, with thousands of moments of truth each day across local authorities, and the health service. For too long the story about the public sector has been about lack of…
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LGC Awards 2015

Why were Red Potato at the LGC Awards? Red Potato were invited to attend the Local Government Chronicle Awards 2015 (LGC Awards 2015) with our partners Welwyn Hatfield Council.  Welwyn Hatfield Council and Red Potato were finalists in the “Community Involvement” award category.  The Council and Red Potato were recognised by the judges for delivering an…
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Welwyn Hatfield

Welwyn Hatfield Alliance

The Welwyn Hatfield Alliance (LSP) is based in Hertfordshire, England.  Members of the Alliance include key public sector organisations, businesses, community groups and voluntary groups who have a shared vision: to improve the quality of life for all in Welwyn Hatfield. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has a key role in economic development and supporting the Welwyn Hatfield Alliance. …
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