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So how’s the business going?

If you are a new business owner how do you answer this question?   Most people who ask the question “How is business going for you?”  are genuinely interested in what you’re doing and want to see you do well.   There maybe a couple of people who are looking to you to fail so that they can say “I…
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Starting a business – Week 1

Red Potato started trading this week and it’s been a great week.   What does that mean?  Well, it meant the business became central to everything we do – building the brand, identifying sales opportunities and firming up the products we offer our customers. The challenge is to continually show value to customers, and be able to…
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Are we asking the right questions about growth?

Much debate about the nature of capitalism, post Euro-Zone crisis, credit crunch, and decline in company ethics. For many years we have blindly followed a model which rewards consumption and a “throw away” society.    If there is anything positive about the current economic crisis, it is that we are now thinking more about how we have…
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