So how’s the business going?

So how’s the business going?

If you are a new business owner how do you answer this question?   Most people who ask the question “How is business going for you?”  are genuinely interested in what you’re doing and want to see you do well.   There maybe a couple of people who are looking to you to fail so that they can say “I knew it would never work, I always said she/he couldn’t hack it and the business plan wasn’t feasible” – but let’s assume most people want to see you do well.  

Whether you are an employee of a long established company or in the midst of starting up a business, it is important to be honest but positive.  

Honest:  People can usually see through bull; if you say business is great and it isn’t then your body language and demeanor will eventually give you away!

Positive: People want to see you do well and if you don’t believe in the business no else will either!   So create your own confidence, build a buzz about your business and focus on the value you can deliver to your customers and stakeholders!

Here at Red Potato we have recently been helping a group of UK based unemployed executives explore future options.   Unemployment is a dreadful option and the group meeting each week undoubtedly provides an important support mechanism for the participants.   But unemployment can also be an important spur to action – the difficult bit is enabling the individual concerned to make an honest assessment of their position and then to ensure they are in a position to take positive action to address that position.     Red Potato works in partnership with local agencies to provide mentoring, work experience and community engagement services.  We also measure the “difference” the projects we deliver make to local people.   Stay positive everyone!