Honest and value-driven

Red Potato creates animations that make a lasting impact.

We’re often asked why we’re called Red Potato.

The truth is, like the red potato we’re versatile, down-to-earth and flexible; that’s what makes us stand out. More importantly, the potato improves the soil in which it is planted. It’s that lasting positivity that’s helped shape our core values and sits at the very heart of everything we do.

Creative approach

We solve challenges.

Our service is specifically tailored to each individual client, and we believe in helping you find the best solution for your business.

Commitment to deliver

We are results-driven. We’re committed to helping you make change happen.

Contribute to the local community

We want to help you leave a lasting positive impact. We’ll work with you to see if we can do some good.

Outcome focussed

Our joined-up approach makes it easy for you to demonstrate the value of community initiatives

Partnership orientated

We believe in a collaborative approach. We know from experience that creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. By working together and sharing ideas, we can help you get a better result.


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