The health landscape is undergoing phenomenal change.  There is a clear need for the NHS to enthuse and engage the next generation on how the health service is changing and the range of different careers available in the NHS.

At a time of reducing budgets and political uncertainty, large scale publicity campaigns may not be available – or the right answer,  to the NHS recruitment requirements.

This is where Red Potato can help.

  • Red Potato works with you to create custom videos that help you tell your story to local schools
  • Red Potato works with you to build sustainable relationships with school careers coordinators
  • Red Potato works for you to ensure NHS careers events engage young people

What else can Red Potato do?

Red Potato will work in partnership with you and other agencies to achieve results, including measuring the effect of health promotion campaigns and demonstrating the social return on investment. By bringing together data on health outcomes and the stories behind the data, we can help you show the value of health promotion and quality healthcare business.
Find out how Red Potato helped the Herts Healthy Homes programme deliver better engagement

Next Steps

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