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Are you a busy person thinking of setting up in business?

Is finding new ideas and innovation, mitigating risks and boosting motivation and self-confidence important to you?

If the answer is yes, Red Potato’s Business Boot-camp might be just what you are looking for. Red Potato’s business

boot-camp is a customizable intensive half-day block of interactive lectures, business simulations and business games

that will prepare you to effectively set-up in business.


Who is Red Potato’s customized business boot-camp for?

—1 Any School, College or University seeking to boost their students’

enterprise skills and give them a real opportunity to set-up in business

—2 Any organisation wanting to develop the pro-active intrapreneurial

skills of its workforce to find and seize opportunities

—3 Individuals of any age and any walk of life seeking to pursue their

dream in business, including NEETs and other disadvantaged groups

—4 Busy individuals who do not have the time to attend traditionally structured courses

5 Career changers who wish to become entrepreneurs


What are the benefits of Red Potato’s business boot-camp?

—1 It saves time and money

—2 Brings new ideas and innovation

—3 Increases likelihood of success

—4 Boosts motivation and self-confidence

—5 Tailored to meet specific needs


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