Back to School!

Back to School!

Back to school shout the news headlines, as children in England prepare to start a new Autumn term. But if our experience is anything to go by, many teachers and school leaders have been working throughout August.  Red Potato have been working with secondary (high) schools in Hertfordshire on a follow up to the East and North Herts NHS AGM and also the next Welwyn Hatfield Dragons Apprentice Challenge -more on both these initiatives in the next few weeks.

This post is about a school consultation we conducted with Presdales School.  We undertook a survey of staff at the Secondary School in Hertfordshire on behalf of the school Governors.  The survey consisted of online and paper based questionnaires which were completed by members of staff.  We worked with the school to make sure the questions followed a natural sequence and were not open to misinterpretation.  We were pleased to have secured a near 100% response rate.  Following the survey we produced Executive level reports which the school has used to inform future business strategy.

Here is what the School Governors said about this project:

“We liked the way in which Red Potato worked with us to make sure we achieved our aims and objectives. Red Potato worked with us to ensure the survey and consultation effectively contributed to the overall business strategy”.

We’d like to thank all the teachers, staff and school leadership teams who have worked with Red Potato during this summer and we wish you all good luck with next term!