History of Red Potato

Why is Red Potato needed?

Red Potato provides online tools to enable our customers to get a better insight into the communities they serve:

  1. Do you need to speed up the time it takes to carry out a consultation?
  2. Do you need to target under-represented groups who may find it difficult to attend traditional consultations?
  3. Do you need to show cashable savings on the consultation and engagement you carry out with local communities?
  4. Are you fed up with long reports which don’t give you information which you can act on?
  5. Do you think that engagement should be a two –way process?
    If you answered yes to any of the previous points, then we should talk.

We are often asked “why are you called Red Potato?”

Well the reason is because as keen gardeners we know the red potato stands out from the crowded veg stall as distinctive and the potato is versatile, down to earth and flexible.

These four attributes – distinctive, versatile, down to earth and flexible  -are important to the way in which we do business.   But perhaps most important of all it is also said that the potato improves the soil in which it is planted, so that after it has been harvested it leaves a lasting positive effect on the area.   Central to everything we do at Red Potato is our commitment to leave a lasting positive impact.

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