The changes being forced upon local government are unrelenting. Hard, difficult choices are being made across the country. At a time when budgets are under scrutiny, just keeping the lights on may seem like a luxury that can no longer be afforded.

Local government has been given the choice about where to make cost savings. In addition the “Localism” agenda means that local authorities need to communicate and engage with local communities on the changes they are implementing.

The challenge is how to most effectively engage and consult with local communities – and acting upon the results.

Red Potato works with local authorities to build a robust consultation and engagement strategy, which is both practical, measurable and effective.

We at Red Potato understand that one size doesn’t fit all. There is a need to engage with residents and businesses face to face as well as using social media and online solutions.

Red Potato have experience of working in partnerships with many organisations and by working together we can build the right solution for you and your residents.