January snow & forecasting

January snow & forecasting

Snowday or not?

At the weekend we had the first dusting of 2016 snow here in hardy Hertfordshire!  It didn’t last long. It was not enough to make it a #Snowday. No school closures and no bringing the Monday morning traffic to a halt!

The weather forecast gave us sufficient warning so we were able to prepare for a day of snowball fights.  Economic forecasts should also enable us to prepare for changes; for example planning for interest rate rises.  Recently Red Potato have been asked to undertake surveys for local businesses.  In each case the business was keen to understand what their customer thought about their products and services.  Red Potato have then helped those businesses with some simple programmes to build upon what they are good at and address the concerns raised by customers.

Good market research can’t prevent winter weather but it can help businesses adjust and take pre-emptive steps to ensure they are prepared for economic headwinds.