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#FSBHertsAwards – Business Innovation

A night to remember

It was (another) glorious June evening in Hertfordshire for the FSB Business Awards.  Red Potato had been invited to attend as a finalist and we were really chuffed to be awarded “Runner Up” in the Business Innovation category! Congratulations to the worthy winners Brig-Ayd Controls!  The event was held at the Manor of Groves – a sumptuous Georgian House set in 150 acres of prime Hertfordshire countryside.

Why were Red Potato at the Awards event?

Our business innovation entry was based upon the way Red Potato uses innovative short animations to tell the story of how long term partnership projects, involving local authorities have a huge positive impact for residents.

Why celebrate being a “Runner Up” for Business Innovation?

Part of the value of the FSB Awards event is that it brings local businesses together.  Also the way it inspires us all to achieve more for #Hertfordshire , that seems like a good thing to celebrate!

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#FSBHertsAwards – FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards

FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards 2015

Red Potato are finalists in the 2015 FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards!  This is a great recognition of our work!

Why are Red Potato in the “Business Innovation” awards category?

Red Potato Community Insight Animations have been nominated for the “Business Innovation” awards category! Brilliant news! The animations report upon business targets and performance in a innovative and funky style. Students from the digital animation course at The University of Hertfordshire often help us with the animations.  So as you can see, we like to keep things local and in so doing we like to support our local university!

FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards

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Red Potato announced as finalist in Hertfordshire Business Awards

Fantastic news Red Potato is a finalist in the “Commercial Business in the Community” category at the Hertfordshire Business Awards!  This is a great privilege, and we were really pleased to hear the news last week.  While we hope to go on and win the award, we also recognise that business investment in the community should be a long term commitment – not least because it takes time to achieve lasting change.
We believe that growing a sustainable business requires good preparation, regular enrichment and and strong “roots” – business values that will sustain through the tough times.   Although much of the UK economy is through the tough times, for local government a further round of austerity looms.
It is against this challenging background that public sector organisations are working with Red Potato to help local young people set up their own businesses; by delivering training, support and mentoring.
Red Potato are currently running #BusinessBootCamps for students at Oaklands College, in Hertfordshire, just north of London.  The temperature was surprisingly warm at our last “camp”: It is not often that it is too hot for coffee and the demand is for more cold water in mid October England!  The students were great – as were the business mentors Moore Social Media and The Welwyn Florist – and had some really great ideas.  We love the way students who lack belief before they enter the room, later leave the #RedPotato #Business BootCamp with the confidence they can take the next steps to develop their business idea.

We love the journey – the stumbles, the strides and the setbacks – to success!

#RedPotato #BusinessBootCamp
Red Potato Business Bootcamp journey
Thanks to Death to The Stock Photo for this photo!
#Herts Business Awards, #RedPotato
Red Potato are a finalist in Herts Business Awards
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Local Strategic Partnerships

There are some big issues which can’t be adaquately tackled by a single organisation.   Things like reducing youth unemployment, less childhood obesity, and reducing carbon emissions are just too big for one organisation.

Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) have an important role in bringing together local agencies who together can bring expertise and insight to the table.

A bit like everyone having a piece of the jigsaw and the picture only becoming clear once the pieces of the jigsaw are shared by the different partners.    Making the LSP work takes time, trust and total commitment; but the rewards are clear to all when members of the LSP work together to deliver on the vision.

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We don’t do politics here…

…well that’s not quite true.   Despite the name of our company Red Potato doesn’t do party politics, we are apolitical; we work with all the mainstream parties and none.

We are committed to improving things for local people.   We are committed to working with people who want to challenge the way things are done.   We also believe passionately in demonstrating the value of the work we do with the communities we serve.

If you recognise any of this, perhaps we should meet.

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Change is tricky

OK so you’ve got this great idea – it hits the “green” button, it will reduce costs to your organisation and provide greater insight into how the organisation works. Simples, all you need to do is tell your boss what you plan to do and then wait for the plaudits from the Chief Executive.

How wrong can you be?

Thing is that what you may see as a change for the better, will have unintended consequences across the organisation.   Those vested interests will do their best to frustrate the changes, hence the importance of taking the time to build a strong coalition of people who see change in their interest.  Also having a clear vision and sticking with it.    And finally keeping the common touch, while inspiring all to greater things.   Easy really!