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Why do you love statistics?

Even if we don’t “love” statistics, they are crucial for effective local services…   Why do you love stats? It is a tricky question that might not make your Valentine date melt with delight. The question is especially difficult if you weren’t in top set at school. (For the record I was bottom set maths,…
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Rearranging the deckchairs – keeps the local economy ticking over

We’ve all heard the phrase “rearranging the deckchairs¬†on the Titantic”.¬† The definition on Wiktionary is “To do something pointless or insignificant that will soon be overtaken by events, or that contributes nothing to the solution of a current problem” Many local councils are faced with an office estate which was designed in the last century,…
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What is core business for local government?

In the current environment of less public spend, it is even more important for local government to identify what is core business and what is done for small “p” political reasons – maybe the electorate would be more understanding if they could clearly follow L.Gov train of thought on these matters