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Should business be worried about “Carbon Neutral” Cities?

Sustainability is in the national news for lots of reasons. This blog post looks at what is a “carbon neutral” city and whether this is something for business to get worried about.  We discuss some of the issues that need to be considered by policy makers, not to explore the merits of reducing carbon emissions.…
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What next for the high street?

The traditional high street has changed. It is clear for all to see.  A walk around many town centres, even affluent, thriving town centres, shows vacant shop fronts, perhaps rough sleepers, a range of betting and charity shops.  The changing face of the high street is very obvious.  But what is next for the high…
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Do we need more Business Improvement Districts?

Business Improvement Districts; the clue to what they are meant to do is in the name. Businesses with a stake in the local community,  working together to improve the district.   There are over 300 BIDS (Business Improvement Districts) across the country and their proliferation is down to many factors, including a resurgence in civic…
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