Being creative is fun

The weather in England has created some glorious sunrises! During the summer, we’ve taken sometime out from the sun to work up some ideas about how we go about creating our animations. These ideas are still being worked on, but once developed it will mean that customers can see how their videos and animations are created and edited in near real time.

We all like to know how our project is doing. Think about home baking a big fluffy summer cake! You’ve got the oven really hot and put the mix in a hot pan. After a short time you are thinking about looking in the oven, while your cake is being baked. You want to check how the baking is doing but you know it is not a good idea. If you open the oven door, instead of rising, your creation will get a soggy bottom!

Creating an animation is a bit like home baking. The animation brings together many different “ingredients”. The animation ingredients may include animated avatars, key messages, brand messages, and perhaps a strong “call to action”. Once all the ingredients are combined in a certain order, we create a “product” that conveys your message and makes an impact.

We have been priviledged to have secured some support and guidance from the “Master Chefs” at Creative England. This team have been really helpful in putting together our core mix. The core mix is the substance from which we create our animations. We are very grateful to the team at Creative England (and their preferred consultants) for their help in putting together this mix. We plan to show off our latest creations in the next few weeks. Hope you will like what you see!